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Bodega del Abad

Bodega del Abad is not just the name of a winery. It is a way of asserting history and the present and future of the region of El Bierzo as regards winemaking.

The winery started out over two decades ago with the planting of vines in the parts of the region where the tradition of growing the mencía and godello and grapes with which we make our wines continues today.

The winery lies in a winegrowing area in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula at the heart of the Bierzo intermontane plateau in the district of Carracedelo. With red mencía and white godello, grape varieties native to this region traditionally linked to viticulture, we make single-varietal wines, all covered by the “Origen Bierzo” designation.

Winemaking at Bodega del Abad is based on the criteria of responsible viticulture, with meticulous winegrowing practices and processes together with pruning and yields allowing us to assure the highest quality once our grapes have ripened.