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Wines with Character, maintaining the identity and heritage of our land and people

Appreciate and value the past, to understand the present and shape the future of our wines. Bodega del Abad is not only the name of a winery. It is a way of vindicating the past, present and future of El Bierzo innately connected to the cultivation of vines.

The winery is located in the heart of El Bierzo region, in the town of Carracedelo, a wine-growing area located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Our single-varietal wines are made with the red Mencia and the white Godello, native grapes of this region, traditionally related to viticulture, all of them protected and controlled by DO Bierzo.


We believe in Bierzo, our people, the terroir, the environment,... the only way of expressing their place of origin and its authenticity.. We are committed to teamwork, the search for excellence in all steps in the production of our wines and the aim to reflect the maximum expression of the Bierzo grapes which have adapted to the different terroirs and microclimates present in our vineyards.

Since the first harvest, back in 2001, our focus is to make authentic wines that allow us to share our passion. We aim to I am not going to emphasise the details, take you to our vineyards and hidden plots, enhance the experience, share the results and to enjoy the achievements of our passionate winemaking team