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This is the grape variety that is proving most popular on the Spanish market. It comes from the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula and in El Bierzo it acquires a distinct personality. Mencía was introduced and grown as of Roman times. After recovering from the disastrous phylloxera epidemic of the late nineteenth century, which caused an economic calamity in its traditional growing areas, the mencía grape was used for making aromatic, fruity wines, intensely coloured and suitable for keeping.




Godello is a Spanish variety of the white grapevine (Vitis vinifera). It is native to El Bierzo and the region of Galicia, and in particular to the Sil river valley. It has medium, dense bunches, with midsize, yellow-green grapes. This is a highly aromatic grape of great quality which yields balanced wines with 12.5% alcohol by volume and a straw-yellow hue. It also gives off flowery and fruity aromas (of apple). This is the main variety of the Bierzo and Valdeorras Designation of Origin.