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We will not go so far as to claim the godello grape as exclusive to El Bierzo. No, godello, the “white queen” of Bierzo wines, belongs to the genetic heritage of Spanish winegrowing, and in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula it has little fiefdoms scattered about the slopes of various valleys and mountains. 

But what we will claim is that the godello vinestocks which we grow in El Bierzo enjoy a special microclimate, within the great intermontane plateau that winemaking literature has called the “volcano of the north-west”. And here is where the godello white grape realises its full potential, showing its primary aromatic virtues in young wines as well as excellent behaviour in whites whose fermentation and ageing criteria have much extended this grape’s sensory range. 

Today we could not conceive of a tasting panel that did not include the touches of green fruit, the tart yet pleasant background notes or the lingering aromas of the white grape of the north-west. 

At Bodega del Abad we are well aware of godello’s organoleptic virtues and accordingly we use the grape in making all our white wines, which are moreover all single-varietal. All our whites are made wholly with godello, yet each one has its own range of nuances. 

Our Abad Dom Bueno Godello Esencia is characterised by stylish tones imparted by the select French oak barrels in which it is matured. A wine with body, volume and structure, fresh and pleasant on the palate. 

Our fresh and fruity Abad Dom Bueno Godello, on the other hand, clearly embodies the purest traits of godello in the various stages of tasting: visually and in bouquet and flavour. Our San Salvador white is a wine with body, structure, volume and a fruity and mineral nose. 

Finally, in our Gotín del Risc Godello we find a young, fresh and flavoursome white, well balanced and with good acidity that gives it zest and longevity

We favour the godello grape as we believe in its properties and know all about its quality, and so we will carry on making new vintages with this “white queen of the north-west”.