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Having presented our winery, the first thing we should do in this blog is to speak of what defines Bodega del Abad: our wines. For they are ultimately our identity, and what probably caused you to learn of our existence.

So in this post we will talk about Bodega del Abad’s wines, which, as you know, are made solely with the two most representative grapes of El Bierzo: mencía for reds and godello for whites.

Red wines

Beginning with our reds, we must naturally start by speaking of what may be regarded as our flagship wine: Carracedo. Carracedo is a mature, stylish and characterful wine, created by our winery. It has a distinct structure and a nose and flavour whose main traits are elegance and notes which can be imparted only by barrel-ageing. Its quality, along with the features that make it unmistakable, have earned it many national and international prizes, notably including the 2018 Zarcillo gold award.

Let us continue this guide to our wines with another of our iconic reds: Abad Dom Bueno Mencía. This is a young red with a body and structure not usually associated with such young wines. It is especially notable for its floral and fruit aromas and a fresh, balanced and complex flavour in the mouth. The grape from which it is made appears both in the sensations conveyed to the palate and in the name – a tribute to this Bierzo variety.

Next on this tour of Bodega del Abad wines is one of our most widely recognised reds. For our ADB Laderas del Norte has been awarded scores of 92 by the prestigious critic James Suckling and of 90 by the American guide Vinous. In this wine the mencía grape again deploys its potential, providing a fruity character that is offset by the complex aromas which the wine acquires after twelve months’ ageing in French oak barrels, then four more in a concrete tank.

Let us end this section on reds with Tesín de la Campana, a wine that gets its name and many of its properties from the area where the vineyard is sited. Thus we may appreciate notes evoking lavender and flavours specific to the terroir of El Bierzo. On the palate there are fruity and spicy touches, and the wine is stylish, long and fresh in the mouth. Its quality has earned it excellent scores, such as 93 points from James Suckling, as well as from the Parker Guide and the Guía Peñín, Spain’s foremost wine guide.

White wines

As mentioned, as well as the mencía grape, at Bodega del Abad we grow and harvest the godello variety for single-varietal whites. A first example of this would be our Abad Dom Bueno Godello, a fresh, light-bodied wine with a distinctive acidic touch and fruity finish.

Another example would beAbad Dom Bueno Godello Esencia, a unique white which marries the complexity provided by the godello grape with a body and structure resulting from ageing in French oak. An artisanal wine, fresh and pleasant on the palate.

Let us end this tour of Bodega del Abad’s offerings with San Salvador Godello, a wine aged for 24 months – 12 of fermentation and maturation on fine lees in French oak barrels and 12 more on the lees in a tank. The godello grape gives this wine subtle mineral aromas with notes of fresh fruit such as peach and apricot. On the palate we discover a flavoursome white with a characteristic body and structure and a strong, fruity finish.