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Many generations have lived Christmas between music, TV advertisements, moss and pine scent. At the same time, it is easy to remember –probably more clearly in this moment that in any other moment of the year– the taste of meals and recipes fondly prepared as well as the wines which have always been a part of Christmas celebration.  Would anyone understand the Christmas Eve without a great wine on the table? Who can imagine seeing the old year out without raising the wineglasses to celebrate?


This last day, at least in Spain, is distinguished by the “sparkling moment” of sparkling wines, cava and champagne. We at Bodega del Abad don’t want to break up with old traditions but to suggest instead that celebrating Christmas and toasting the new year with a glass of Godello white wine and a Mencía red wine is another more than desirable option. Furthermore, we suggest it because we have been doing it for years. This is why we dare to say that a Tesín de la Campana in your Christmas dinner and a San Salvador served with the seafood the New Year’s Eve are one of the best options of wine drinking this Christmas.


We know that we look after number one, so it makes sense that you think we want you to drink these two wines of Bodega del Abad. It’s true. This is exactly what we want: that you toast the New Year and take your dinner in family with the same wines that all the staff at our winery will do so. This will be the greatest fusion between the costumer and the winery. 

Therefore, we lift our glass to wish all Bodega del Abad’s friends Merry Christmas and happy New Year!