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There’s no doubt that we’re experiencing an exceptional situation, as the people of half the world are locked down. We stay at home or work to other routines and, in short, adjust as we can to this new and often difficult context. Yet while our lives have changed in many ways, there is a cycle that just carries on with its schedule, leaving us spectacular and magical spring pictures. We are speaking of the vineyards of Bodega del Abad. 

For spring is a very special time for our vines. After the winter hiatus in which the vinestocks store their reserves in their roots so as to withstand the cold season, the rising temperatures of these weeks cause the sap to run through them once again. 

This is a time of peculiarities such as the so-called “weeping” of vines, occurring when, in this renewal of growth, the sap reaches the pruning cuts and, as there is no further cane to supply, oozes out to the ground. Tears of sap signalling the rebirth of a grapevine. 

But this resurgence of our vines after their winter dormancy also brings a change of colour –from the predominant dark brown of winter to the green of new leaf growth, and even pink tones appreciable in the petals as the vines flower.

The peculiar circumstances we are experiencing may prevent you from coming to see our Bierzo vineyards, but in our social networks (Facebook, Instagram y Twitter) we have shared some pictures of this spectacular new springtime, as assuredly magic descends on the vineyards of Bodega del Abad.