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In order for our wines to turn out well and to be bottled with the highest quality, various factors come into play: the quality of the vines, the selection of grapes, their handling at the winery, and so on. But today we wish to speak of what we regard as the key factor: the setting of our vineyards. For geography and terrain affect the fruit and therefore the end result which we bottle and you so enjoy. 

Our vines grow in a spectacular setting: the landscape of the Bierzo intermontane plateau. On its majestic slopes, which are an arresting sight, we have 35 hectares of vineyards of our own, located in the most favourable area for winegrowing in all of El Bierzo: the heights of Valtuille de Arriba and Villafranca del Bierzo. Our vineyards, as you know, are largely made up of vines of the red mencía variety, along with a sizeable contingent of white godello. Both are local native varieties, so it is precisely to this terroir that they are best suited and on which they yield their best fruit. 

Our vines grow on steep slopes at considerable altitude, on soils consisting of a mix of fine earth, quartzite and slate. And the convoluted intermontane terrain of El Bierzo means that the area enjoys a highly peculiar microclimate, mild and sub-humid, determined by the association of Atlantic and Mediterranean influences and with pleasanter temperatures than in the adjoining regions, without extremes or late frosts.

The annual average temperature is some 12.4°C, and in summer, 22°C. This means the grape harvest is earlier than for other Castilla y León designations and that our red wines are smoother and more velvety, with fine legs.

We perform the various winegrowing tasks required over the year according to the principles of responsible viticulture, taking the utmost care of our vines, as only in this way can they yield their best fruit.